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PCB sottile

Venture is a leading value-added provider of thin printed circuit boards. We reliably give PCB arrangements of a beat quality at competitive costs on time. Our Customer Concierges can adjust to each customer’s fascinating needs and desires. We are a universally situated provider whose reason is to empower clients to develop and succeed in their markets.

Tipi di PCB sottili

Rugged ultra-thin PCB materials are perfect for applications that require a 2D PCB. Ordinarily, you can apply them as a bundling substrate for ICs – Coordinates Circuits.

A long thin PCB is usually made with the utilization of flexible covers. It diminishes the surface range and volume fundamental to housing or covering the board.

The single-sided ultra-thin PCB highlights conductive copper and components mounted on one of the board's edges.

Double-sided ultra-thin PCBs include traces of two sides highlighting the best and bottom layers. They can effortlessly fit conductive copper and components on the board's surfaces.

Elettronica d'avventura

Your Trusted Thin PCB Supplier

Venture is a proficient thin printed circuit board manufacturer, and the slenderest single-layer board can be 0.08m, double-layer board 0. 13M, four-layer board 0. 35m. The generation innovation is distant ahead within the industry. Products are primarily for the web of things industry. Derivatives are broadly utilized in all sorts of shrewdly detecting businesses.

Why Choose Venture Thin PCB

We handle format, creation, gathering & parts sourcing, so you’ll focus on your center competencies. We will rapidly work out a custom-fitted coordinated arrangement to meet your costs and fetched diminishment targets. We bargain with thousands of parts each week; we have electronic components stock and a committed acquirement group.

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Scarica oggi online il catalogo GRATUITO di PCB e assiemi! Venture sarà il tuo miglior partner sulla strada per portare la tua idea sul mercato.